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When you purchase a new light bulb, you just don’t get a light bulb rather you purchase a complete lighting source. The life and performance of lighting fixture is significantly associated with the light bulb you are using. At the same time, light bulbs also impact your eyesight, daily routine chores and electricity bills.

Therefore it is critical that you choose the most appropriate light bulb for your living space. There are different types of light bulbs available in market to choose from.

Type of Light Bulbs

There are four major types including:

  1. Incandescent
  2. Halogen
  3. Fluorescent
  4. LED

1. Incandescent

These are the most popular bulbs that we have been using in our homes for years (if you haven’t switched to LEDs). An incandescent is an inexpensive bulb that produces light energy from heat energy.

These bulbs have a filament made from tungsten. As current passes through the filament, it gets heated and due to this heat, the bulb starts to emit light.

As incandescent bulbs waste a lot of energy and they are not efficient, they were replaced with other more efficient bulbs. Incandescent bulbs are not very durable. A single bulb will last anywhere between 1000 to 1500 hours.

There are several types of incandescent bulbs including:

  • General bulbs
  • Reflectorized
  • Halogen

2. Halogen

Halogen bulbs are a type of incandescent bulbs but are more efficient and emit white light. They emit light that is bright, sharp and white.

Halogen light bulbs are expensive as compared to incandescent bulbs because they are better at performance and are made from high quality material.

There are two further types of halogen bulbs:

  • Line voltage
  • Low voltage

3. Fluorescent

Fluorescent bulbs and tubes emit light that is generated by excited electrons that pass through argon gas. These electrons collide with mercury (present in the gas) which turns into gaseous state and thus emits UV light. This UV light is converted into visible light by phosphor.

These are extremely energy efficient bulbs that consume almost 5 times less energy as compared to incandescent light bulbs. The light from fluorescent tubes is cold, strong and is similar to day-light. Though initial price of a fluorescent tube is high but in the long-run these are very cost-effective and are very durable.

There are two types of fluorescent tubes:

  • Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)
  • T8

4. LED

Light Emitting Diode or LED are the light bulbs that are most energy efficient but at the same time, are expensive than any other light bulb in the market. LED bulbs are more durable than fluorescent light bulbs but of course they are expensive.


With these four types and further sub-types of light bulbs, you can now choose the bulb that will provide you with exactly the same type of light, durability and efficiency that you desire.

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