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Why you should pick your trades wisely

The majority of retail traders do not pick their trades wisely. They tend to consider the random nature of this market and place a trade on any setup. When you are spread betting, keep in mind that picking your trade is imperative to ensuring your profit. It is like picking the right fruit to eat. If you are in a market and there are lots of sellers calling on you to buy their fruits, you have to understand that not all of them are going to offer you the same quality fruits. Do not think that the most expensive fruit is going to be the best fruit, as there are also chances that it can be bad.


You have to pick your fruits wisely and you can think of many bits of help like look at the color of the fruit, see if it is soft and also see if the fruit is old. Knowing these things can help you to buy the best fruit and it will also show your intellect. Novice traders do not keep that in mind and they trade with whatever trend they have got in their chart. It is a very bad thing and you should not do that. You have to trade with only the best trends and pick the trades wisely just like the successful traders in the United Kingdom. Only with this method can you make your investment fruitful in the trading industry. This article will tell you how to pick your trades wisely ion your career.


If you look at the portfolio of professional traders in the United Kingdom you will notice one thing they have in common. Every single one of them is more concerned about their investment. They are not placing random trades.Rather, they are waiting on the sidelines most of the time. They always consider the worst case scenario first since it is one of the key ways to protecting your trading capital from the false spikes. Being new to this industry everything might seem hard, but if you devote yourself and master the art of trading, you won’t trade all the setups in your charts.


Never pick the obvious trends

This is the wrong thing to do in Forex. Most people think they will trade with the most obvious trends and this is where they get wrong. If you look at the groups, you will find that they are always trading with the obvious decisions. But are they making the profit? They are losing all of their money and struggling with their spread betting account. This market is not so easy and you can’t simply trade and make the profit by looking at your chart. Analyze the market and know the actual trends hidden behind the obvious patterns. Sometimes trends are made up by brokers and sellers to get the advantage. Know these false trends and try not to trade with the obvious trends.


As a new trader, you might be fascinated with the different kinds of indicators. But in real life trading indicators are nothing but a trade filter. You need to learn the price action trading strategy to pinpoint  the perfect trade setups. Even after learning the price action trading system, you should never risk more than 3-5% of your account capital in any trade.


Avoid trading the choppy markets

We know that the market is extremely volatile, it is a very good way to make your profit without waiting. Many traders do not understand what a choppy market is and they think it is the same as a volatile market. Stop loss are being hunted more frequently in the choppy market. To be honest, you will lose all of your money if you are trading in choppy markets. These markets are hard to understand and the price changes every time. Always try to trade this market with a simple system.

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